Word of 2015 - ACTION

It's time for my "word of the year" - this word reflects what I would like my personal focus to be in 2015.

2012 (sortof) was RESPECT
2013 was DECISION
2014 was FORWARD

I did move forward in 2014. I took two college classes, I grew in my relationships, I got better at a number of things in my life. I feel successful in my goal.

The word this year is:  ACTION

I want to take action in my life. Not just talk about doing things, but actually DO things. This includes things like: clean out the basement, walk a 5K, dress better, get into a small group, see my best friend more often, take a few day trips, write more letters, rewrite my children's book, finish my chick lit novel, etc.

You get the picture - do more than talk, follow up on what I say I want to do.

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