Word for January - Respect

I heard the last couple of years that the thing to "do" was pick a "word" for the year that is supposed to be yours to claim, live, embody, look for, etc. My attention span isn't strong enough to hold on to a word for a whole year, or maybe it's not that but that I think I'd get bored focusing on one word for an entire year. However, I do think there's some merit in it. So I've decided to pick a word for the month. The month of January that is. I'm making no commitments to do it again in February or any other month of the year.

RESPECT:  esteem for or a sense of the worth of a person or a quality

The word I have picked is: RESPECT, and no I don't mean like Aretha Franklin. I mean more like how can I SHOW respect in all aspects of my life. I've been thinking about this a lot the last couple of days. It seems to me that respect is more than saying please and thank you and waiting patiently in line.  Here are some ways I'm looking into.
So, that's my word for the month.

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