Newton, Panthers, and Super Bowl 50

I have a confession to make. Last Sunday was the first time I watched a Panther game all season. Now, that's not unusual since just like those "Christmas/Easter church goers", I'm only a Super Bowl football fan (gotta love those Snickers and Doritos commercials!).
I didn't know who Cam Newton was (by the way, he's the Panther quarterback), didn't know he was African American, and while I had heard of "dabbing" I didn't know that was his move.

Since their fabulous win in that game against the Cardinals, I've learned a lot. I learned that Cam Newton is a generous man. I saw him giving TD balls to the young fans in the stands, but didn't know that was uncommon. I saw his incredible smile during the game and his interview after the game was short and I thought gracious.

My google search revealed that his career is not without complaint. People complain about his celebratory dancing, or not yet marrying the mother of his newborn son. He has been called arrogant and classless. Yet most of my google search, and my Facebook feeds are positive. His generosity, especially to children, his joyous demeanor, his hard work to get where he is, are all promoted.

Football has had a big run of bad publicity over the last year or so. The list of players who have been arrested is extensive. I find it somewhat a relief that the complaints against Cam Newton are about excessive celebrating and being arrogant in his abilities and not for hitting women, driving drunk, or illegal drug use.

It's all very interesting - but people do know this is only football right? It's fun, it's entertaining, it's exciting - but football is not likely to change the world. I'll be watching the game at a Superbowl party Sunday along with millions of others. I'll cheer on the Panthers like everyone else at the party (we are in North Carolina after all), but come Monday morning life will go on and it won't matter how much Cam danced or dabbed or gave during the game. What will make a difference is what each of us do with our lives. What we believe in, how we spend our time, where we give our energy, and living outside of ourselves.

Go Panthers!

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