New Year - New What?

Christmas 2015 with my love
Tradition suggests that my first post of the new year should reflect my goals, my resolutions, my new and refreshed outlook on life. In recent years I've jumped on the "word of the year" bandwagon and posted a picture with a word that reflected my outlook for the year.

This year I'm a bit more lax. As you know, as a parent of school-age children, I generally look at my "new year" as when school starts. However, after a Christmas break, a new calendar, and a birthday - I do have some thoughts of "starting fresh".  So here goes.

Go to bed earlier. I like to get up early (between 5 and 5:30) because that's when I'm more likely to walk and to write. I like to "piddle", as my husband calls it, before I go to bed (read, do crosswords or jigsaw puzzles on my Kindle) for about half an hour. Therefore, in order to get the sleep I need and want, I'm heading to bed earlier. Eleven and eleven-thirty just won't cut it anymore.

Use MyFitnessPal. I was quite good about this, but I fell away. This is an easy program to use, so I'm back on (it helps that I have some family members who use it too). I just generally feel better when I'm using it.

Less Netflix and less Facebook. I love Netflix and my husband and I have several series we watch. But because it is so easy (love having no commercials!), we tend to watch too much. I love Facebook for keeping in touch with others, and frankly I get a lot of my news there - but we all know what a time suck it can be. I'm not going to get rid of either one, but I do want to control my usage.

Eat dinner at the table. With only three of us at home now on a regular basis, it's super easy to eat dinner in front of the television. We have a great time doing that as we have certain programs (almost always a cooking reality show of some kind), but I know that it would be better to eat at the table. Of course this means I have to keep the table cleared off . . .

I don't have a "word of the year" yet - but I'm pondering.  In other news, I'm turning this blog into a website - - hopefully I'll have it up in some kind of form by the end of this month. My sister/brother-in-law, who own ASLAN Solutions, are helping me put it together (if you're looking to create a website- check them out).

Happy New Year!