Lottery Dreaming

Okay, I'll play. It's the "what would I do if I won the lottery" game that millions of people are playing right now. First of all, let me say this is truly just a game since I didn't buy a ticket. I am hoping that if my husband or son win they will throw a few "breadcrumbs" my way.

Like most people there's the obvious, pay off the house, buy the perfect house, take care of our children's college expenses, pay off all our debts, make sure we have a good retirement fund set up, take care of our elderly parents, give to underfunded non-profits, etc. But my son asked me a question last night that I was hard pressed to answer. He asked me what would I do that was purely for me (after all the responsible things were done). I wasn't allowed to say buy a house or travel unless there was an outlandish component to it. The question was what purely outlandish, self-centered thing would I buy or do.

Since he was waiting for an answer I came up with buying a place in Malibu (or thereabouts) and hosting small dinner parties with celebrities I like. Tom Selleck, Chris Pine, Chris Hemsworth, Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts were who came to mind (I later thought of Tom Hanks, Mark Harmon, and Jennifer Garner) . I wouldn't live out there, but I'd fly back and forth in first class and hobknob with the beautiful people.

But wait, is that really what I'd want to do? I would like to meet them, but I know enough about reality to know there's a good chance I would be disappointed. I'd feel intimidated by their fame and self-conscious of my lack of sophistication. So what would I do?

I know, I'd buy a beautiful loft apartment in Manhattan for my husband and myself. We'd eat at great restaurants, not necessarily expensive ones, on a regular basis. I'd buy fresh food and fresh flowers from the neighborhood markets. I'd buy shoes and purses without looking at the price tag. I would have maid service. We'd go to all the great places right at our fingertips.

But wait, it gets really cold there, and sometimes bad weather. We're not getting any younger, and moving into that climate might not be too smart. Would I really be able to change into that lifestyle at this stage in my life? Hmmm.. . I'm right back to square one.

The reality is, I'd buy a house that was one level. I might buy a second home, an oceanfront beach house. I'd take vacations around the world. I'd keep my car since it's new and I love it, but I would buy my husband and my kids a new car. I'd have maid service.

Outlandish just isn't who I am, I'm pretty boring. But that's who I am, and I'm okay with that.

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