Time to Give

Where did the phrase, The Season of Giving come from? I went to the trusty old internet to look but came up short. I did find this cool site with plenty of other sayings and their origins which was fun to look through. However I didn't find the answer to my question. But it's really not hard to figure it out. I mean, we give presents to each other, time to charities (ring the bell anyone?), and sometimes even give a little more patience and grace during the month of December.

I'm on board. I'm thinking about presents to give (in addition to the traditional underwear gift to my children), what charities will I participate in, considering the 24 Acts of Kindness concept, and I'll try to wait patiently in line when the clerk is overwhelmed with the customer in front of me with every coupon and deal they could find to get the Star Wars Droid and the last Elsa Ice Palace.

So, in the spirit of giving, I'd like to give you a gift today. Today's gift is the gift of a free Kindle book by one of my favorite authors, L.N. Cronk. It is also available for free as a Nook book. If you don't have a Kindle or a Nook, it can be downloaded to your computer through either of those programs. Be prepared, have a tissue or two ready.

Happy Giving!

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