New Calendars

Every year my husband and I buy a Sierra Club Wilderness calendar for our wall. On it I chronicle our yearly events, daily happenings, and generally use it as "journal" of sorts. We have a drawer full of the calendars that we occasionally go back through and reminiscence (also to recall when we did certain things).This year we briefly considered not getting one, as we use our electronic calendars so much, but we quickly decided we needed it as it is indeed our "memory book".

Last night, after the family had watched White Christmas together (one of the three movies we decided were essential to the Christmas season for our family that all five of us had to watch together), I sat down with the new calendar to transfer birthdays and such. It soon became apparent that next year is a big one for the "milestone" events. Our eldest is graduating from college, our second son will leave his "teens", our daughter moves from sweet 16 to 17 which is practically an adult, my father turns 85, and my husband turns 60. I confess, I started to feel a little melancholy as I finished marking the calendar.

But then, then I remembered the years it took us to get here. The memories, the laughter, the sorrows, the friends, the family - and my spirits lifted. I believe there are great memories just waiting to be made, fantastic experiences just around the corner, and plenty of love and laughter with friends and family to share them with.

Calendars - a great inspiration for memories and hope for the future.