Favorite Part of Christmas

Last night my daughter asked me what was my favorite part of Christmas. I love this season so I took a few minutes to think.

It is pre-dawn Christmas morning. My husband and I get up early, making sure the tree lights are lit, Santa has left gifts on the fireplace hearth, and that the stockings are full. Then we make a pot of coffee, fix a cup and look at the quiet beauty of the room. That is part one. Then we let the kids, who are by now all gathered in the basement waiting, come upstairs and the merriment begins. Presents are opened, sometimes people are surprised, sometimes not. Sometimes Santa hits the nail on the head, sometimes not so much - but none of it really matters. We are together, the five of us and our little nucleus is tight and connected. Later more family will come over and we'll have a great time with lots of laughter, hugs, and good food. I enjoy it all.

But my absolute favorite part of Christmas has been those quiet moments with my husband and the tree, and then the hour or so with our kids.

I encourage you to think about what's your favorite part of Christmas and why. If you haven't quite gotten into the season yet, perhaps reflecting on this question will help (along with a good Christmas movie!).

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