Trick or Treat

I have fond memories of Halloween. When I was little I remember wearing plastic face masks. I'd have to move it up on top of my head between houses because it made me sweat). Most often I was a princess or a nurse. Later on (no face  mask) I recall being a gypsy (I've actually used that one as an adult from time to time - nice and easy!). Two of the best parties I remember going to were actually church parties (bobbing for apples anyone?), back before Christians decided to boycott Halloween.

Stories of razor blades in apples, poison in candy, devil worship, and the rise of not knowing our neighbors well enough to trust them, have brought forth the era of "group candy gathering" through Pumpkin Bashs, Trunk-or-Treats, and block parties.

My children did their share of trick or treating, trunk or treats, and church parties. Through the years I've gone to Halloween alternatives, passed out candy, trudged the neighborhood, and decorated my trunk, Last year we had friends over for dinner and our young teenage daughters went out trick or treating as Mario and Luigi, This year our daughter is going to volunteer at a Pumpkin Bash (she gets to dress up) and then come home. We might try watching our first scary movie (she claims all of her friends have seen a horror movie and she's asking to see one). I don't think Ghostbusters will do it . . .

The number of trick or treaters coming to my house has dwindled through the years, but I hold out hope. I'll be ready with a bowl of candy.

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