Minding My Own Business, Doing My Own Job

I keep a scripture verse, I Thessalonians 4:11-12, printed out and pinned on my bulletin board at work beside my desk. I have it in two different translations so that one or the other speaks to me when I need it.

It works as a reminder to stay focused on my own job and responsibilities and not worry so much about what other people are asked/given/permitted to do. Sometimes this is easy to do, other times not so much.

I'm learning about myself as I discover what is easy for me to overlook and what triggers my sense of injustice/unfairness/discontent/pouting. I am trying to look at these opportunities as gifts.

These gifts are not confined to the workplace. Sometimes they are given to me at church, on social media, with my friends, or even within my family.

I am encouraged that I am still learning about myself and open to growing. People who have quit learning and growing (spiritually, emotionally and/or mentally) generally aren't a lot of fun to be around. Those people have decided they are who they are and the world can just deal with it. They may use terms like "I'm just being real" or "I don't care what people think".  While there can be some value in that attitude, there's a fine line between independence and belligerence.

This doesn't mean I never speak up (or out) about issues and situations. But it does mean I check my heart (at least I try to check my heart and motives) before I speak. I'm finding more and more that speaking is often not the best course of action.

Growing - may I never quit!

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