Honor Your Parents

Last Saturday my husband and I picked up his mom and my dad (we both have only one living parent) and took them to lunch. Nothing fancy, just Captain D's where we enjoyed some fish, shrimp, and fun conversation.

Maybe honoring our parents (Exodus 20:12) isn't that complicated. I'm finding that our parents really don't ask that much of us, and I'm translating what they ask/need from me into what I want/need from my kids as they grow into young adults.

I think every parent wants to feel respected, cared about, and wanted. Which is essentially the same thing our children want from us.

What does that look like? Well for me it means:

That's it. Not a long list, nothing particularly hard. This is what I've learned from our parents.

Does this mean I treat my father and my mother-in-law like this all the time? Nope, I often fail. But I'm trying. And the other amazing thing I'm learning from them? Grace, they seem to have an unlimited supply, and my effort is enough.

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