Strange Developments

Who's going to take care of who?
I had a lab appointment at my doctor's office yesterday. My "sort-of" annual physical is scheduled for Monday so I had to go in and get my bloodwork done so they can review all the findings with me. Of course they asked me to update all my medical records, which is much easier now that it's all on this fancy tablet. Things were zipping along until I got to the "who do you want to be able to have your medical records" page. My husband was first, then my mother-in-law, and then I started to put another family member down (you're allowed three) like I usually do. Then it hit me. I erased the name I had started, and cautiously added my oldest son to the list.

I've reached a new stage in life, one where my children can start "sort of" looking after me. Not that I need that yet, but filling in my son's name was a bit of a wake-up call.

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