Presidential Election 2016 on Hold

Trump, Hillary, CarsonBernie, Fiorina, Biden, Rubio - these are but a few of the people in the news working to become the next president of the United States (okay, I know technically Biden isn't running yet, but he's still in the news about it). I confess, I'm not paying really close attention yet as the primaries are four to five months away and the election itself is November 8, 2016 - over a year away! I'm just not ready to jump in the water yet. My toes are dipping in the shallow end from time to time as I walk through a room with the news on, but I'm keeping my distance as much as I can until after important things in life go by. Like my daughter turning 16 (sooner than I thought possible), Thanksgiving (when we've decided to ditch the turkey this year), and Christmas (the warmest, coziest, best smelling, most delicious feeling inside, time of year).

Until then, here are some of my favorite presidents.

President Bartlett            President Palmer            President Marshall

Happy President searching!

P.S. I am aware that it is Sept. 11 - 14 years ago our world changed for millions of us who had never felt the effects of terror up close. As much as I grumble about putting up with political campaigns and people who can't play nice - I am grateful to live in a country where I am free to grumble, to watch, to participate in this process. It may not be perfect, and it certainly is not pure - but it was a hard fought freedom that I will always try to not take for granted.

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