Back to School 2015

As of today, all my children are back in school. My eldest moved back to campus this past weekend and started the final year of his college education at Guilford College. A week ago my middle child started his second year of college at NC State University, and today my youngest started her sophomore year of high school. What does this mean to me (aside from a quieter house, a smaller grocery bill, and more structure)?  It means my "new year" has begun. I never look at January 1st as the beginning of my year. For the past 16 years it has been the end of August/first of September - ever since I've had kids in school. I look forward to this as my new beginning, fresh start.

This year my "new beginning" finds me in a new position at work, which I love. I'm in a bit of a learning curve as I have more responsibilities and my own office. Since I work in education, this time of year is a new beginning at work also. We are moving into our second busiest time of year (spring being number one). Along with this we've done some restructuring, gotten a new VP over our department, and are making changes in procedures - so everyone has something new to learn.

Why am I telling you this? Because I needed to write, and this is what's on my plate at the moment, so this is what I can write about. With this "new start", in spite of the challenges at work, I want to incorporate writing on a regular basis. I've pretty much taken the summer off, now it's time to get back into the swing of things!

Happy Monday and Happy New Year to me!

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