End of June? NO WAY!

I can't believe it is the last day of June. How did this month fly by? I have a choice, I can either bemoan the fact of how fast time is going by, or I can look forward to each new thing that is ahead. Instead of looking at it as only so many days until such and such (panic), I can choose only X days until such and such! (excitement) To help me with this, I've made a list of what to look forward to.

It's ONLY:

8 days until Girls (family) Weekend at the beach!
30 days until my husband's birthday!
31 days until family vacation in Chicago!
46 days until our middle son moves back to college!
47 days until our middle son's 19th birthday!
53 days until our eldest son moves back to college!
56 days until our daughter starts her sophomore year in high school!
148 days until Thanksgiving!
177 days until Christmas!

What about you - what kind of list do you look forward to?

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