Reflections of the 2015 Blogging Challenge

Writing in the challenge this year was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed my theme "People I'd Like You to Meet" and felt good about most of my posts, quality wise.

What I Learned = having a theme was very helpful. It provided direction, focus, and purpose. I plan to explore this with my blog. While I'm not sure I want a defined "theme", I do think I should outline and plan my posts. It is getting harder and harder to write something of quality off the top of my head with any regularity.

What I Did Right = using the scheduled posting option was key. I generally had three or four posts done ahead so I didn't feel panicked each day about getting my posting done. But I didn't have the whole month done ahead of time so I felt like I was writing current and not "cheating". I hope to use this strategy more for my regular posting. I always wanted this blog to be a bit like a newspaper column - time to act like it and have postings ready to go on set days.

What I Didn't Do = I didn't keep up with my end of the bargain of visiting other blogs. I just couldn't seem to get any rhythm of doing that and I feel like I let the others down. But I hope to take place in the Post A to Z Road Trip (well, there was one last year, hope they do it this year) where one goes and visits all the blogs you didn't get to during the challenge.

Feedback to the organizers = I have no idea how you keep up with all of these bloggers and still write. I know there are a team of you and I appreciate what you do. The list seems daunting and I'm not sure of what we really accomplish - except for me it is the discipline of writing. Kudos on pulling it off once again, I do look forward to next year.

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