Y = Yeasty Aimee

People I'd Like You to Meet

Okay, so I'm stretching a bit - I went looking for a word that begins with Y to describe my friend Aimee. I found "Yeasty" (exuberantly creative or marked by spirited enjoyment), which qualifies. I've known Aimee now for going on 9 years.It all started when we were looking for a girl scout troop leader for our second grade girls. Aimee and I had met at school, she agreed to do the Girl Scout thing, and we were off. What started as a partnership for our girls scouting experience turned into a friendship that far exceeds scouting. Aimee is faithful, fun, creative, willing, and the girls in the troop consider her a second mom while I consider her to be a close friend. She is always encouraging, truthful, willing to believe in others, and all around a great role model. I am glad my daughter has Aimee in her life, but more importantly I'm glad to have her as my friend. I'm thankful to know that our friendship will continue long after our girls finish scouting.

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