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People I'd Like You to Meet

Okay, Lori is my closest friend. I have known her since before I was married and we share almost 30 years of history. We've been through mostly good times, but we've also shared hard times, sad times, rough times - and we are stronger for it. I can truly say that there is nothing that could break our friendship. We've got too much in the bank with each other. We call each other with any news (Sheila, I'm pregnant! - Lori, my mom just died). We can talk daily, or we can talk sporadically and nothing changes. She loves me as I am - through all my fads, stages of life, moods, and quirks.

As someone who moved around a lot as a kid, I never really expected to have a "life-long" friend. But in Lori I found that, and I discovered that life-long friends just might show up anywhere and at any time in your life. You might not ever get to meet her, but if you do - she's definitely worth knowing!

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