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People I'd Like You to Meet

Okay - so once again, this is a family member. My niece is an unpublished author, but oh so much more! Brilliant, beautiful, and she thinks on a level so much deeper than mine. Our reading lists don't have a lot in common - however I have read her manuscript and it is fantastic. If she doesn't find a publisher soon I'm encouraging her to self-publish because I think the book is that good.

A wife and mother, she currently lives in Bolivia with her husband and kids. A former teacher, holding a bachelors degree in English Education and a masters in Education - she still manages to be a horrible speller (sorry Jess!). Funny, caring, and a woman of faith, I am privileged to be her aunt. She's not too good at the social media platform thing (Twitter and Facebook not real active yet), but she'll get there. Watch for her - she's going to be big someday!

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