R = Tim Rickard

People I'd Like You to Meet

Photo Credit: lafsinc.info
Tim Rickard is the dad of a classmate/scout mate of my daughter's. At least that's how I came to know him about nine years ago. I knew he worked for our local newspaper as an artist, but what I eventually discovered is that he is the creator of Brewster Rockit: Space Guy! - a nationally syndicated comic strip.

Tim is so quiet and unassuming, who would have thought he was a star? A star is definitely not how he would describe himself. He willingly taught a unit to our scout troop on cartooning with no "fuss" and you'd never guess he's been to Hollywood multiple times working on a movie deal (as yet unresolved) and meeting stars. He works hard at the newspaper all day and works on his comic strip after his children go to bed at night. He's such a nice guy. This is definitely someone you should meet.

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