M = Max Carter

People I'd Like You to Meet

Photo Credit: w-sfriendsmeeting.net
Max Carter is someone I knew before I met him. Let me explain, I didn't actually know him, and I didn't know his name for years - we simply referred to him as "the Quaker man". We live near Guilford College and he works there. We would see him riding his bike in and around the college. Long white beard, distinctive hat, quoted in the paper for anything that smelled like Quakerism, pacifism, etc.

I now have the privilege of working at the same place, and just this past January he led his annual study abroad trip to Israel/Palestine and my eldest went with him. Max has been on a television special with Ancestry.com working with Zooey Deschanel about her Quaker roots, has been published, is on YouTube, and can be easily found by using Google. He's quite a character - check him out!

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