L = L.N. Cronk

People I'd Like You to Meet

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I discovered L.N. Cronk because she offered the first book in her "Chop" series for free. I'm a sucker for free books on Kindle. Often I will enjoy it, but never before have I enjoyed it enough to actually buy the rest of the series (the fact that my daughter also loved the book and begged me to buy the rest was a factor). A Christian fiction series, I had my doubts (no offense but Christian fiction isn't always know for it's quality of writing) - but within the first chapter I was hooked, and each book has had the same hook. But before I turn this into just a book review, here's what I've found out about the author. She has a blog (she's one of us!) - but it hasn't been updated for a year. She's on Facebook, which is more active, and on Twitter. She's a wife, mother, teacher, and lives in the mountains of North Carolina. This is the first one of my "People I'd Like You to Meet" that I haven't had interaction with myself - but I think this is a great series and I think she's worth "meeting".

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