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People I'd Like You to Meet

@ArleeBird - Twitter profile
Arlee Bird is near and dear to most of us on this blogging challenge. He has got to be one of the most dedicated and encouraging bloggers I know. What you might not know is that he pens FOUR blogs. His largest Tossing It Out is probably what most of us know, and how he found us. There is where he challenges us to thoughts of our world around us, regular Battle of the Bands, and always an encouraging word to writers. His other blogs are:

A Few Words (this is a Sunday contemplation blog where he shares his faith)
Wrote by Rote (this is a blog about writing your memoir)
A Faraway View (here he explores dreams and how they impact us)

So, many if not all of you follow his Tossing It Out blog, but I encourage you to check out his others - you'll get to know him better!

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