Wednesday Wandering and Wondering

What will we obsess on now that the Super Bowl is over and Deflate-Gate is no more? I guess it's back to the weather maps on the Today Show.

My youngest child started taking Driver's Education. Where did the days of car seats and driving around so she'd nap go?

A friend from high school is in Hospice and not expected to last long. While he's certainly not the first of our classmates to go, I'm not ready for my generation to be dying from illnesses and disease.

I've come up with my theme for the A to Z Blog Challenge - "People I'd Like You to Meet". Make sure you stop back by starting April 1st!

I've read more non-fiction books in the last little while than ever. Check out my Bookshelf tab.

I keep getting lulled into thinking winter is almost over and we've had pretty much nothing where I live - but then I remember last February when Itzhak Perlman's peformance at the Bryan series had to be rescheduled from February until March because of bad weather - and we still had bad weather when he came in March! Guess I better not put my coat and gloves away just yet.

I hate check engine lights, but am grateful to having warnings about a problem before I get stuck somewhere.

It is amazing to me that we are one year away from being finished with Scouting in our family. Both boys got their Eagle Scout awards and are off in college. Now our daughter is preparing to work on her Gold Award next year and then she'll be done with Scouting. Only one more year of cookie sales!

Wednesdays are great for wandering around in my mind and wondering at what I see in the corners. Now it's time to get back on track and go to work!

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