Under-Appreciated Tuesday

Have you ever noticed that Tuesday doesn't get a lot of attention? Mondays everyone is all about getting back to work, or Monday Blues, or even Rainy Days and Mondays. Wednesday is "hump" day which the GEICO commercials have really capitalized on. Thursday means it's almost the weekend and Friday is TGIF and as soon as we get off work - BAM, it's the weekend! Saturday and Sunday get all the glory and then there's plain old Tuesday.

I like Tuesday though. It seems that's when a lot gets done. You've had Monday to get over the weekend and the next weekend is too far away to be distracting.

Tuesday - I think it is the most productive day of the week and sorely under-appreciated.

What I need is not a month of Sundays but a week of Tuesdays.

What's your best day of the week?

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