It's Over . . .

It's over - Christmas and my winter break that is. The lights are put away, the nativities have been wrapped in protective wrap, the tree has been hauled away, the kids have gone back to their lives, and I go back to work in about an hour.

It was a great break, I slept late almost every day, read a book, finally finished Burn Notice (it's taken me about three years on Netflix), went to the movies (The Hobbit and Into the Woods), celebrated my birthday, and had lots of family time.

What happens now? There's the usual January activities. Work on taxes, file the FAFSA, and sell Girl Scout cookies. Then there's the other common January focus. Lose weight, exercise more, try something new, etcetera. All of these are good and I intend to do all of them.

But most importantly? I intend to enjoy every day, embrace the moment, and have my eyes open for the opportunities that surround me. I realize that little by little I've shifted more toward the glass half empty view and I want to go back to a glass half full view.

It's a good day - enjoy!

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