Friday Night Lights

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My husband and I just finished (this wet, rainy, Saturday morning) watching the series "Friday Night Lights" (we have developed a habit of finding finished series on Netflix and watching them in whole). I remember when this show was on "live" and I didn't watch it. Probably because I mistakenly thought the show was about football and Texas. Now, to clarify, it IS about football and Texas, but so much more. I almost quit after the first two episodes because it seemed like it was just football, teens having sex, and drinking - but we decided to give it one more episode and from that point on we were hooked.

There are multiple story lines, but the central one always comes back to Coach Eric Taylor and his wife Tammy. Their commitment to each other, their family, to helping teens - it was all very inspiring. The ending of the series was very satisfying, which doesn't always happen.

"Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose" If you haven't seen it - I recommend it. There's plenty in there to make you think.

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