Three Things New

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Three things I learned/heard this past week.

1. Shia LeBeuf became a Christian while filming a movie. As a believer myself I sincerely hope this is true, but I admit skepticism because his professional reputation was in the toilet, and this does sound a little bit like jailhouse profession of faith. However, I know God works through all kinds of ways and I'll leave it to Him to know the sincerity of Shia's conversion.

2. Amal Alamuddin, new wife of George Clooney *gasp* changed her last name to Clooney. When I got married it never occurred to me to do otherwise, and I even kept my middle name much to the shock of my new in-laws. They assumed I would put my maiden name as my middle name. But I didn't, and my parents didn't expect me to.

3. The difference between a graveyard and a cemetery - the graveyard is attached to a church and a cemetery is not. I learned this bit of trivia from a tour guide on carriage horse tour in Charleston last weekend. I'm not sure I agree completely with the article I attached here, they paint a pretty dismal picture of a graveyard.

So there - I learned at least three things this week. None of them are earth shattering or life-changing, still they were interesting enough to me to take note of them. What three things did you learn this past week?

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