Relaxed Planning

I've changed.

I find myself in Charleston (actually we're staying in North Charleston at a very nice Hyatt Place) for a few days for a delayed anniversary celebration. Normally I would have just about every moment planned - or at least a skeleton plan for every day, with a fair amount of flexibility built in.

Not this time. We knew we wanted to take a tour the first day (today) and see Fort Sumter. But I bought nothing ahead of time (except hotel reservations), we decided this morning where we were headed today (a Grayline city tour and hop on/off the free trolley around town), and an idea of where we are going tomorrow (Fort Sumter). On our exploratory trip into town last night we stopped at Hank's and made reservations for Friday night because it's hard to get into.

My life is full of planning and schedules - and frankly I really like that and truly enjoy making plans. But I'm finding pleasure in going along with the flow. With no kids to take care of, my husband and I can go at more relaxed pace. On this trip we chose to stay out of Charleston so the lodging was considerably cheaper - so I don't feel the urgency to fill every minute of our time with activity to get our money's worth.

Does this mean I'll never "plan" a trip again? Absolutely not - if I ever get to London it's going to be jam-packed with plans! But for now,for this trip, this is nice.

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