Ready to Peel the Onion

I am re-discovering writing. Sounds funny for a blogger doesn't it? However, I am taking English 101 at the college where I work and am having my eyes opened.

When I was in high school one of the classes required was "Composition". It was a one semester class and I loved it. I still remember my first assignment. We were to pick an item in the refrigerator and write a one page essay from its point of view. I was mustard. In that class I decided I wanted to be a book editor, and wrote my research paper on that. In real life though, I never pursued that.

Now I am taking this class and discovering focused writing. I'm learning to be open and honest about my opinions or thoughts and facing my fears (what if I'm not smart enough, what if they laugh at my opinion, what if my writing stinks).

Hopefully what happens next is this blog becomes a bit deeper, a bit more open, a bit more honest. I confess there are people I am afraid of. But I have a role model in this - Elizabeth Esther. She is the most open and honest blogger I know. I have followed her for a couple of years now and I am in awe of her openness. While I do not have her story to tell, I do have my own past and thoughts. I think I'm willing to "peel another layer off the onion".

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