Pumpkin Quandary

I want a pumpkin. Not just any pumpkin, but one that will look great on my front porch until we carve it into a jack-o-lantern for Halloween. In the past we would get three, one for each of our children. Then a couple of years we actually missed it and didn't get any. One year we got a pumpkin but didn't carve it. This year we only have one child still at home - so one pumpkin it is.

My quandary is where to get the pumpkin. Usually we get it at the grocery store or Walmart because it is significantly less expensive than going to the Methodist pumpkin patch (by the way - how come every Methodist church youth group I know sells pumpkins for their fundraiser?). However, the church pumpkins are usually better quality and last longer. Once I got a couple when it was the last day or so at the church and I got the pumpkins half off - which made them comparable to the grocery store (which had sold out) - but I only had them for two days before Halloween and then it was time to throw them away.

Of course now it's only 9 days until Halloween - so how long does it need to last? Maybe I should buy extra so that we could carve one but then have the others to sit and look "harvesty" until Thanksgiving? What's a girl to do (and don't suggest I buy a ceramic one, that would have to be stored and I'm trying to cut down, not add to the stuff in my basement and attic).

I know in a world full of challenges and significant problems this is nothing, but I want a pumpkin!

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