New Routines, New Challenges

The sun ALWAYS rises!
We've settled in to a life of three. It's pretty good! I miss my boys, but life with one daughter is still plentiful with laughter, drama, and activity. My husband is adjusting to, as he puts it, "life with my girls". Our daughter has stepped into high school with relative ease. Her workload is slowly increasing and she's taking steps to keep balance. I'm quite proud of her for that, just recently she turned away from taking on an new commitment (that she really wanted to do) because she decided it would compromise her other responsibilities.

My husband and I are settling in to our new routines and trying to make sure we don't lose each other in the shuffling. My evening class two nights a week, his radio show, Girl Scouts, men's breakfast group, church, work, our days are full but not crowded.

Our lives are good, and yet I find myself feeling unsettled. Perhaps it's all the ISIS activity, or the Ferguson, MO mess, or the missing Appalachian student from our area, or the economy that just seems to be stagnant, or the polarization of the country on just about any subject (race, politics, Walmart, Chick-Fil-A, religion, gay marriage, healthcare, Taylor Swift). Perhaps it's the subject of my personal narrative paper in my English class, the death of my mother six years ago.  I think most likely it is the blending of all of these things. Sometimes life just feels heavy.

The good news is, life goes on and from past experience I know this too shall pass. My coffee is refreshing, the weather is starting to give us hopeful peeks at cooler weather, the leaves will soon start changing color, and my husband and I will be able to agree on a destination for our overdue 25th wedding anniversary trip.

Things are looking up already.

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