Waiting For My Feelings to Catch Up

Watching their smiles makes it okay.
It hasn't been what I expected. Vacation at the beach this year has not been the same as in years past. My kids are practically grown, I find myself distracted by the future.

Part of me is relaxed. I enjoy time at the pool, drinking coffee on the balcony, watching the waves, walking on the beach. But coming here has revealed to me just how tense and anxious I am inside. Everything is changing this fall.

My head knows all the right things to say to myself. But that doesn't change how I feel.

Fortunately I really do know things will be fine, and not even just fine, but great. The kids are all off on grand adventures and new chapters of their lives this year. I am excited for them.

Sometimes you just have to ride it out and let your feelings catch up.

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