Transition ALMOST Complete

14 years ago
Part 2 of our big life transition is complete. Last week our eldest moved back to school (which was kinda weird because now that he has a car we had nothing to do with his move), actually he transferred to a different school so it was a big change for him too. He is now going to a school in town but we are pretending he is still three hours away.

This morning our daughter will begin high school (not our baby!) and tonight I start class (I am taking English 101).

The magnitude of changing from a 5 person household to a 3 person household is just starting sink in. Shopping at Costco, the grocery store list, the empty basement, the reduction in trash, the sharing of chores; everything is affected.

All we have left to do now is settle into our new routines. It is different, but it's going to be great.