Sun Through the Clouds

It was on her "summer list" to watch a sunrise, where better than at the beach? We looked up sunrise times and set our alarms (okay - I set my alarm). Walking out the hotel door we were greeted with clouds and some pink already shining in the sky. Discouraged that we had missed it, she was ready to go back. Persuading her that since we were already up we might as well go out to the beach, we headed down the elevator and joined a few others out with the same idea.

We were rewarded. It wasn't what we expected, but watching it rise in, around, and through the clouds was a beautiful sight.

It reminded me that just like the sun always rises in spite of any obstacles blocking our view; God is always working in our lives. Sometimes we can see His work in us shining brightly like the sun on a clear day, sometimes we have to watch and look a little harder.

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