Remembering Robin and Chris

Like everyone else I was shocked to hear the news of Robin Williams' death. How horrible and tragic it is. Most of what I hear on Facebook and the news feeds is one of shock and sorrow, and a few words of anger thrown in too, from people mad that he didn't fight his way through his depression, and apparently took his own life.

This brings back to my memory my own experience with suicide. When I was in high school a classmate and friend, a couple of years ahead of me, hung himself. I had many questions about that as I knew that Chris was a Christian and I couldn't reconcile that he would take his own life. I spent some time in denial thinking that it had been foul play and someone had killed him. Eventually I came to understand that he was battling depression and for whatever reason, took fatal action. My father (a minister) gave me some wise counsel as I struggled with the reality of suicide. He told me it wasn't up to me to decide if Chris made it to heaven or not, all I had to do was remember his life, what I knew of him, and leave the rest up to God. From that point on I could rest easy. It was (and is) my place to remember his gentle ways, his loving nature,and his caring heart.

Robin, I don't know the demons you battled, or what your core beliefs were. But it is my place to remember the laughter you brought me, the tears that moved me, and the smiles that cheered me.  Thank you.

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