Wish I Liked Soccer

Today Germany and the USA play each other in the World Cup. I know this because my co-workers tell me, my Facebook friends tell me, the morning news tells me. I know the World Cup is soccer because, well you'd have to be a hermit at this point not to know that (but then again if you're a hermit you probably don't care).  It's everywhere, even when I go to McDonald's for lunch (hey, I had salad so give me a break about it not being real food there).

I don't care about soccer, or the World Cup, or even the USA team. But I do care about my friends, so I'll listen with a smile and be nice. Sometimes it isn't about what's really important (I mean in the grand scheme of life how important is soccer), but it is about our interactions with each other. So today, I can "care" about soccer.

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