Just Like Jack - I'm Back!

My class is finished and now I'm back! It was a good three months taking my college class, but I didn't realize just how much time it would take (in addition to working full-time, kids, husband, family, life, etc.). I learned a lot, read five books (three of which I probably would not have chosen to read - check out my bookshelf), and wrote multiple page essay papers. I am glad I did it! I just couldn't keep up with my blogging and I fell away.

However, like Jack - I'm back! In case you didn't know - Jack Bauer is back tonight, and I'm thrilled. The story line follows that he's been gone for four years (just like the show, which is done in real time). While we don't get 24 episodes this time, only 12, I'll take it. Why do we like Jack so much? I think it's because he lives with no filters and what you see is what you get. No pretense, straight to the point, intensely loyal, and let's be honest -he looks pretty good. I do live with filters, but I am loyal, learning to be straight to the point, and try to live without pretense. However - I'm not Jack (or Chloe either).

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