Where was the "Super" Bowl?

Admittedly, I'm  not really a football fan. I pretty much watch only the Super Bowl each year. Last night I turned it on ready to watch a good match up. I was pulling for the Broncos because I lived in Denver for a year of my life and I wanted to support Peyton Manning in his "old age".

There was no "super" in the Super Bowl. The game was disappointing, it was like the Broncos didn't even come. Last year had been so exciting with the Ravens and the 49's, that I was really looking forward to this one. Even the commercials were generally lackluster. I had two that I really liked - the Cheerios commercial and Radio Shack (we want our 80's back). Bruno Mars was great, he was so classy in his presentation (especially in comparison to the Red Hot Chili Peppers who I found to be crass and boring).

We changed the channel and watched Downton Abbey at 9 pm (we did switch back and forth a couple of times). There was just no "Super" in the Super Bowl this year.

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