It's Not What I Do, It's Where I've Been

Last night I turned in my first homework assignment - a personal profile. I decided I would share it with you here. I have not made any changes (though I wanted to). Warning: It's longer than most of my posts.

Our society tends to define us by what we do for a living, or what our perceived station in life is. I find the definition of myself is more clearly aligned with the journey I have taken here.

Conceived in California, and born in Mississippi, thus began my childhood of wandering. My father always said he had a touch of wanderlust, and that didn't stop when he became a minister, and I became a "preacher's kid". By the time I graduated from high school, I had lived in Mississippi, Arizona, Alabama, Illinois, California twice, and five times in Idaho. I developed my own touch of wanderlust and lived in Denver, then Mississippi, and eventually landed here in Greensboro,North Carolina -where I have stayed.

I started on a clerical path out of high school, with my first job being at a public library as the staff typist, along with some of the typical library duties. I moved on to various office jobs throughout the years, finally settling in as a church secretary after I moved to Greensboro.

In 1988 I met my husband on a blind date, arranged by a friend of mine and her co-worker (his mother) who both worked at Guilford College. After five short months we were married on tax day in 1989. We had our first son four years later and then a second son three years after that. With his arrival we decided it was time for me to become a stay-at-home mom. Three more years and our daughter completed the family.

All during that time I worked part-time for my husband's business doing clerical work. I had always been active in church, but once my children started school I became quite active in volunteer work at the school and found a new side of myself. After holding several positions on the Executive Committee, I became PTA President for two years, which was a real confidence booster for me, especially when I won the Guilford County award for PTA President of the year.

Somewhere during those years I began to write. It started with a letter to the editor on behalf of school funding, then a couple of opinion pieces were published in the paper in the Faith Section and before long I knew I liked to write - when the mood struck. I started a blog, named "SheilaScribbles", which gives me an enjoyable creative release. A friend of mine started a writer's critique group and I agreed to join it. Under self-imposed pressure I decided to write a book, a children's middle-grade novel. I finally finished it and recently started the process of sending it out for consideration.

In 2008 my husband and I decided it was time to get back in the market place as our children were growing up and our stage in life was changing. I found the perfect part-time position with Kids Voting-Guilford County in downtown Greensboro. Four and a half great years followed until budget cuts eliminated my position. Since once more my stage in life had changed as my children started leaving home, I decided I was ready to move back into full-time work. After many resumes were sent out, job opportunities explored, some temp work, and lots of self-questioning, I was offered a position at Guilford College in the Admissions Department. It has been a perfect fit for my personality and skills.

My wanderlust is now confined to a love of travel, which my husband and children share. Our family vacations have taken us to the Grand Canyon, New York City, Niagara Falls, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and San Francisco, Washington D.C., all over North Carolina, and our latest adventure last summer was our first ever cruise, which took us to Cozumel and Grand Caymen. My personal vacations have included Israel, Jordan, Aruba, and just recently Mexico.

My journey is not over, and I am not yet fully defined.

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