How Far Is It?

Ever wonder how far away somewhere is from you? I remember getting out the atlas, marking my departure and destination points and then proceeding to add up all the little numbers between spots. Between big cities on the interstate you could use the red numbers but then when you got to side roads you'd use the black numbers. This was back in the day when of course you drove everywhere. I didn't fly anywhere until I was 19. I still like to get out the atlas and dream and add up numbers. Now however I confess that if I'm serious about a destination I plug in the addresses to Mapquest or if I want to see where could I go in say a 200 mile radius I go to freemaptools.

Tomorrow I head toward Playa del Carmen, Mexico - which according to Mapquest is 5,938 miles or nearly 56 hours of driving. Thankfully we are flying, so according to Travelmath we are flying 1117 miles and then driving (okay not actually "driving" but riding a shuttle bus) another 44 miles to our hotel and it should all take only about half a day start to finish.

So next time you travel, or are thinking about it - check out the atlas of your choice and dream!

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