Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How Cold is Cold?

Outside my kitchen window at 6:45am
on Tuesday, January 7
We're funny here in the South. A little snow and ice? School is cancelled or delayed (we just aren't setup to clear the roads). Northerners laugh at us. We laugh at ourselves as we stock up on milk and break (or in my case Doritos, Diet Coke, and brownie mix).

We had a new experience this week, even for us, however - two hour school delays yesterday and today due to the low temperatures. Granted - it rarely gets this bitterly cold here, but it never crossed my mind we would delay school for it. In fact, the decision was made the afternoon before in both cases. In seemed a bit silly to me, but then I was talking to a colleague yesterday who had just flown in from New York City. She told me that while they didn't have any trouble getting here, just a bit of a delay - she had the new experience of there being no water on the plane because it was frozen. No coffee, no drinking water, no water in the lavatory. It had never crossed my mind that a plane would fly if the pipes were frozen.

I guess the "polar vortex" has made it's presence known just about everywhere!


  1. Frozen pipes on a plane? First time I've ever heard that.
    Schools in our state were delayed for two hours, which was dumb because the difference in temperature was only a degree or two. I guess if the kids froze to death, they wanted the light so they could find the bodies.

  2. Absolute jammy dodger Have a good time anyway

  3. If the temps drop below 60 here, the locals pull out their fur coats, knee high boots and scarf and gloves. Too funny!


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