First Colonoscopy

Yesterday I had my first colonoscopy. I confess I had put off having a physical for a couple of years because I knew that once I had hit 50 my doctor was going to insist I have it. It wasn't fear of what they would find, or even of the procedure (I've had three kids after all) but you know what gave me the case of nerves? Knowing they would put me to sleep and I wouldn't be in "control" of myself. But I am over that now. Going to sleep was easy, she gave me the stuff, I said "I think I taste it", she said that was right. Then I said "I'm getting sleepy now" and then I was gone. When I woke up I felt good. I was told they found a polyp which they removed, then I spent the rest of the day at home napping (wonderful sleep) and today I'm ready to get back to work. My message for today? Quit putting off that colonoscopy!

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