Don't Pressure Me!

I can tell that this Christmas season I am going to have a fight on my hands. It is only December 2nd and I sense this vague unspoken pressure telling me I am "behind" because I don't have my Christmas shopping done yet (in fact I don't even have a list!). I do have my tree up and the decorating done, we did that on Friday and Saturday while our oldest was home from college for Thanksgiving. I don't know if I am doing it to myself or if the marketing powers that be have intentionally set out to make me feel this way so I will panic buy. But whatever the case, I am determined not to cave - and to enjoy each day for what it is.

Is there truly anything wrong about not getting things bought until right up until Christmas? Do we really think there will be "nothing good left" to buy? Surely I can find something that each of my loved ones will enjoy as a gift from me. Are our relationships so shallow that they will be damaged if I buy the watch instead of the scarf or the beach towels instead of the tablecloth? Will my kids love me less if I buy them the wrong video game or a shirt they didn't ask for? Hopefully everyone on my giving list knows I am giving out of my heart. None of our kids are little kids anymore - no need for Furby or Tickle Me Elmo or Star Wars Lego.Will they just appreciate the gift because I gave it?

My pastor gave great Christmas advice yesterday in his sermon (which wasn't about Christmas he just threw this in at the beginning). Three words of advice:

  1. Keep it Simple (try not to overload your schedule and your "doing")
  2. Keep it Sensible (don't go into debt)
  3. Keep it Spiritual (take time to ponder the birth of the Christ child, read the scriptures)
If you have your gifts already bought and under the tree, that's great. I don't and I don't feel bad about it. They just might not get there until December 24th this year. I'll let you be you and you can let me be me and we can all enjoy the Christmas season in our own fashion. Enjoy the season!