Not a Fun Mom

It has come to my attention that I am just not a fun mom. Now, this is not one of those posts where I list all the things I do (rules, punishments, expectations, etc.) that in fact make me a good mom so it's okay if I'm not a fun mom. It is a confession that I'm just not creatively fun. I can have a good time. I can have fun - I just don't know how to create fun. I can play well with others, just don't ask me to start the fun.

I could fake my way through it decently enough when the kids were young, but now that they are teenagers and young adults - the jig is up.

I always wanted to have the house where my kids' friends would hangout and it would be full of fun and laughter and pizza and cookies, sleepovers and fun parties. When that didn't happen with our oldest I blamed it on him. After all he is an introvert and so it wasn't me. My time would come. Our second child is not an introvert and indeed once he hit high school kids started coming over. But they come over for study groups and homework projects. He does occasionally have sleepover parties, but they leave the house to go do stuff elsewhere and come back to sleep. Our house isn't fun. I'm not indigenously fun.

Now my daughter wants to get into the action. She wants to have a party, but thinks she needs to get a friend to help - because she is "party challenged". Her friends at school apparently are afraid of me - they all think I don't like them (it isn't that I don't like them, I just think they don't like me and it also drives me nuts when kids don't listen at the appropriate time). Being ten years older than a lot of the other parents doesn't help. I might have wisdom but the energy factor is definitely lagging.

So there's my confession. I'm not fun. But rather than cry in my root beer, I've decided to seek help. Parties will be had - but I will be calling upon "fun" mentors (Aimee will be called upon - she is the epitome of fun and yet responsible too).

It's never too late to learn!

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