AHC Debate? Nah - how about Keurig vs. Traditional?

This week I succumbed to the herd. I bought a Keurig. Now, to explain myself I should explain that my area has been bombarded for the last month with a marketing campaign where Keurig sponsored trade-in deals (trade your current coffeemaker for a Keurig) and been mailing certificates to households right and left for either free or significantly reduced deals.  We received the significantly reduced offer.

I was very familiar with the product. My brother has one, my father has one, my sister-in-law has one, my bank has one, my eye doctor has one, the list goes on and on.

My husband is a die-hard coffee drinker. In fact, he doesn't even use a coffee mug. He uses a 16 ounce red solo cup (and yes- there have only been a handful of times they haven't been red) which he fills twice before he leaves for work in the mornings. He drinks one before he leaves and then takes a full cup with him.

My husband at first said no. It's bad for the environment with all those throw away cups (I told him about the reusable cups), the brewing cup sizes aren't big enough for him, and of course it's not cost effective (especially with how much he drinks). But then he said it was up to me. I pondered a bit and decided I've thrown away $30 on many things in my life, so I might as well try this. So for $32.01 I received my new Keurig K65 Special Edition this week.

It was my intention that the two makers would live harmoniously - each complementing the other depending on need and circumstance. Much like a married couple work together and fill in for each other's weak areas.

But then my husband threw out the challenge on Facebook when I posted this picture, "Who will win the Brew Off of America's Favorite Drug?" I never intended it to be a contest, but now . . . Brew off here I come!

P.S. As I sit here writing this I am drinking a mug of Archer Farms (Target) Caramel Macchiato with sweetener, milk and salt added to mimic a Starbucks Salted Caramel Mocha for a fraction of the cost :)

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