Post Cruise Nostalgia

Last week my family and I went on our first cruise (actually my mother-in-law had been many times before, but the rest of us were first-timers). I have decided that my analogy of cruising to pregnancy still holds.

Not long after you deliver that bundle of joy things come to mind that you wish you had done, or had known, or prepared for. Things like walking more, or watching that weight, or painting that room, or reading those books that you certainly don't have time for now when your joy keeps waking you up during the night.

During the cruise I admit I probably didn't enjoy it as much as I could have. For one thing, I never lost my awareness of the moving of the ship. I kept a dull slight headache and a sense of dizziness except for when I was off the ship in Grand Cayman and Cozumel (I know, poor me). My focus tended to stay on those things instead of the beautiful blue water and the incredible expanse of ocean I floated in.

It is only after I got back that I realize that I had a better time than I thought. Perhaps it is still like pregnancy, somehow with the passage of time and the nostalgic memories that insert themselves in your brain - you do it again.

Will I go cruising again? Who knows?