Digital Library

I LOVE being able to go to the library with my Nook! I grew up going to the library all the time. I remember one summer, between third and fourth grade, that I know I walked to the library (Nampa Public Library) every day. It was a Carnegie Library and was classically cool, quiet, and calming when you walked in. Those are some of my favorite childhood memories. In fact my first job was at that same library. But, I digress ....

I love going to the library. but in recent years my husband's standard response when I come home from the library is "how much will those books cost?", because I have developed a bad habit of not returning books on time.

Then I discovered the digital library. Wow! I use my regular library card, log on, select books and download them. When my time is up, back they go. No fuss, no muss! I put titles on a wish list and when they come available I get an email that I can go download them.

I still read traditional books and I am blessed to have a Kindle too. So all in all, I can read to my hearts content!  If you'd like to see what I'm reading, I always list it in my Goodreads account and if you click on my Bookshelf page you can see both what I've read with a review and rating and what I am currently reading.

Libraries - always a good deal!

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