Where Have I Been?

This has been the most unusual summer that I can remember. Everything is in flux. My eldest is home from college and it has been challenging for him (trying to find more work but nothing worked out - only getting minimal hours at his old job). My second son was gone for most of the month of June (trip with Grandma, missions trip, camp counselor for a week) and now it's time for all the senior stuff to start (Senior pictures are on Thursday). My daughter seems to have something scheduled for every other week - literally (VBS helper, camp, camp helper, camp again). In the meantime I have been looking to go back to work full-time and it hasn't been easy to find a position. However . . .

Last February I interviewed for a position at a local college and it got down to two candidates - but I lost to the other person. I was disappointed, but moved on. Then two weeks ago I saw the same position was open again. I contacted the school, applied again and was called in to interview last Friday morning. Friday afternoon I was offered the job - which I accepted with great delight. I start mid-August.

What does this mean? Well - my house is in a whirlwind of activity. We just had our bathrooms updated two weeks ago and now I've rearranged furniture in three rooms, cleared out and donated to charity, and have tried to find everything I can to throw away. Suddenly now that my time is limited - I have lots of energy to try and get it all done.

In the meantime - I joined the gym (YMCA), started walking the dog every morning, am taking swimming lessons (I never learned how), and signed my family up to take our first ever cruise (actually I did that back in May before I knew I had a job).

I find that I am more productive with a full routine - so I hope my writing will get back on track soon!