It's Only a Movie - Right?

I never could watch "The Birds" - scary movies stay with me far too long. I saw part of it when I was a kid and it scared me silly. Even after I got married and it was on television one afternoon I couldn't watch it with my husband. Just too scary.

This week on my walk with the dog a bird swooped past me twice - I assumed my Daisy had disturbed them. My first thought was "The Birds". I told no one. Then the next day my son came back from walking the dog and told me he'd had a weird experience. A bird had hit him on the shoulder  and came back twice more. He waved it off and kept walking. We compared notes and it was the same place. Then this morning there I was, walking the dog - not stopping in that spot - and the bird swooped down behind me and hit my hair. On the way back I crossed the street. The bird sat on the telephone wire above and watched me.

The logical explanation is there is a nest being protected. But I wonder . . .